5 rules of safe travel

5 rules of safe travel

1. Apply for annual insurance, which includes all countries of the world and the period of stay abroad 90 days. Wherever you fall, you will always be protected.

2. Take 3-5 bank cards with you and store them in different places. If you have lost the main card or you have stolen it, calmly block it, transfer money to the second card and continue your journey.

3. Upload scans of all important documents to Google Drive. If you lose the originals, you can print at least a copy at any Internet café in the world.

4. Do you want street barkers in all countries of the world behind you? Learn the phrase “I'm here for work” in local language, and voila - you will quickly lose interest.

5. Take a wide range of medicines with you to the first-aid kit. You never know what will happen to you.

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